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04-19-2013, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
The famous HFboards defense. Yeah, there's zero reason for me, or anyone else, to believe that.

And frankly if Bud is turning down good contract offers because he might look bad, then he has zero business acumen (or his agent, whoever gave him that advise). Not to mention I like how it's implied he'd turn it down because RFA signings aren't the norm, hence why its deemed a bad idea, yet he bolts to Sweden rather than staying with the Kings. I mean, clearly that's a very normal, every day procedure that hundreds of 22-year-old players do every year, turning down a two-way contract with an NHL club for a chance to play in the SEL. Heck, Moller's from Sweden and even he asked the Kings permission before signing there, not leaving with zero notice like Bud.
You're right, there isn't one reason to believe it. But hey, that's just the way she goes sometimes.

Also, you might consider that he would've been a free agent anyway this July, and it looked pretty likely that there would be a lengthy lockout. So, he could take a 1-year low money deal to come over now, or delay it a few months and cash in on the open market. There simply wasn't a whole lot of upside to an offer sheet, aside from getting out of the Kings organization, which he can do soon enough anyway. As far as him bolting being unusual, it is, but if he's leaving for another country in large part because he's unhappy with the organization, he's probably not going to ask for their blessing.

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