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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
I highly doubt hes out there with a broken hand thats so bad he cant hold a jersey. Hes a fighter, if his hand is that bad he isnt in the lineup.

He could've had it broken in a spot where it didnt affect his ability to fight at all though which may be the case
Shane Churla played with a broken Orbital bone and fought a guy in that game. More recently, Godard tried to do the exact same thing (Carkner, mercifully, refused the fight). Parros dressing with a broken hand (which I just looked up to verify; he broke his hand left hand roughly two weeks before this fight. this was his first game back. broken hands don't heal in 15 days) is nothing in comparison to what other enforcers do commonly.

And I don't know what the bolded is supposed to mean. You're the one who linked the video and called me out. Did you do so without watching the video you linked? Or did you just fail to notice that Parros can't close his left hand well enough to keep a grip on Clowe's jersey?

Perhaps it just indicates that too many Western Conference fans know so little about former Western conference players that they can't identify when something is obviously wrong with someone like George Parros.

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