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04-19-2013, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Just got back...Voynov just had an awful game. Don't know if it was mentioned here earlier...
Yeah I brought it up in the GDT ... he had a couple mistakes last game too, it's just not the HIP / COOL thing to be critical of Voynov, as he's not the whipping boy du jour ... you're only one of the kewl kids if you're making fun of Ellerby.

Originally Posted by losingsand View Post
Anybody miss Lollerby? not me
Thanks for proving my point not trying to single you out, sorry ... just proving my point.
No, he's not MISSED, of course MATT GREENE is an upgrade over Ellerby, no one would say different. But why hate on Ellerby so much ? he's a 24 yr old kid, still adjusting to a new team, new coaching staff, and new division (playing style).

Around the same age/timeframe as Ellerby ... Matt Greene was a -22 on the Oilers, and people had the same complaints about him.

Around the same age/timeframe as Ellerby ... Rob Scuderi hadn't even broke into the NHL YET ! he spent a good 4+ years in the AHL before seeing regular NHL shifts.

Around the same age/timeframe as Ellerby ... Willie Mitchell was a -16 barely breaking into the NHL with the WILD after the Devils traded him.

Cut the kid some slack, not every Kid D-man comes in and is a Drew Doughty or Slava Voynov, he will improve and adjust and I would say with a full training camp next season under his belt, the Kings will be glad at what they got in return for only a 5th round draft pick !

Originally Posted by kingsfan28 View Post
Uploading now
Dang ... didn't catch that live ... what a ******* move by Dubinsky

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