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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
This is post which i posted about his personality to the leafs boards. Not sure what he could bring in oilers locker room but i could see intant chemistry between yakupov and Barkov. Barkov speaks fluent russian. Barkov was also leading his playoff series in points before he got injured.

I've been following this conversation about Barkov for while and the thing about his Leadership is pretty interesting. Like interactif stated Barkov isn't very charismatic or leader on the locker room. I never see Barkov as future captain. He is shy and extremely humble think Datsyuk or Jere Lehtinen in personality.

But how Barkov leads by example on the ice? He does it everything. How he competes on the single puck battles, how he blocks the shots and most of all how he leads his team by his poise and confident game which boost other players confidence aswell. I think that interactif have some valid points Barkov being not charismatic but then there is clearly lack of knowledge about his passion to win, to be a better player and what kind of team player he is. Barkov is first guy at the team practices and the last guy leaving the ice. His hockey team coach has stated that he has to drive Barkov away from training too much at the gym and on the ice.

The thing that this 17 year old kid does incredibly well that he does everything what coach says without a problem. He is showing example to old veteran players and stanley cup champs how the game system should be played. I don't see any other player in FEL who excetutes the team concept or team system as well as Barkov. I would describe him as an dream player for coach. Barkov leads by example how the game should be played and the coach say to other players just watch Barkov and play like that. That is incredible for 17 year old.

Barkov is heart and soul of his FEL team and that team has come from non playoff team to a championship contending team and Barkov is carrying that team on his young shoulders.

Barkov isn't the loudest guy or the voice in the locker room but he is all about winning and he leaves everything off him to the ice and it doesen't matter if it is team practice or something he does all with amazing effort.

His team is shifting Barkov as player who takes the control of the game with his calmness and ice cool play when the team is getting high pressure.

Barkov is never going to be cocky and charismatic off the ice he's always going to be humble guy who chats to fans like any other people or signs autographs for every single fan. I've seen him doing that at 17 year old of age. He is very kind for fans and any other people. There is little bit of Forrest Gumpness in Barkov. When Jenny shouts to Forrest "run, Forrest, run" he runs like crazy until there is someone who say stop. Think coach as Jenny and Barkov as Forrest and playing hockey instead of running. There is similar excecution. Barkov does all the little things and details correctly just like coach ask for. He has that similar passion as Forrest in practicing and getting as a better player(Forrest mastering ping ball) it looks almost stupid when you look how hard this guy practices or how he can't stop until there is coach or team mate to stop him but he just want to be an better player. It's incredible ability for 17 year old at pro league. I know that it is wierd to compare movie character to hockey player but you guys wanted description about his personality and there it is in a nutshell.
That is a pretty good assessment on Barkov. He does remind me of Lehtinen's personality quite a bit.

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