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04-19-2013, 09:18 AM
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There's so much of this that makes absolutely no sense.

1) The two brothers appear to have been in the country for almost 10 years...parents had claimed asylum to come home-grown?
2) They know that they are being hunted, see their pictures...and decide the best thing to do is hold up a 7-11 and shoot a police officer?
3) Why the **** did they stay in the Boston area after the bombing?
4) They were throwing explosives from a carjacked car--which means they had all these explosives on their body, not in the car since it wasn't their car
5) Now they are saying that the father in Russia said the younger one (still at large) is a 2nd year medical student...which makes absolutely no sense since he is only 19, and it's been reported that he got a high school scholarship (I'm assuming a prep school) only 2 years ago--then again giving misinformation to parents abroad might be the only thing that actually makes sense

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