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04-19-2013, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by FrozenRoyalty View Post
You need to read the story again. The article did not say that.

Also, you have your opinion about this. My story was based on first-hand accounts, including Kozun's own admission about his attitude. How it is that you're arguing that facts are wrong?

From my pov.

I didn't see the facts of the article were wrong (not that you are asking me ) and still think it was well written and enjoyed it. Kozun has had that chip on his shoulder since his teamCA days (as far as I know). That was when I met him and got to know him. Cocky about his game I agree with entirely but not as a person at least not where i saw anyways.

I think there is room for differentiation between Kozun's level of maturity and his skills as a hockey player. That is where I have seen Kozun as having been NHL ready for the past two seasons (including this one). His game in so far as his on ice play has improved since joining the Monarchs without a doubt but he is today and has been in my opinion for the past two seasons ready and capable of playing in the NHL.

I think his maturation process has benefited from being on the farm without a doubt and in that agree that he has taken another step forward in his pro hockey career (on ice) but I also think that being on the Kings as well as being around the caliber of people/players/support would have been a great place for him to develop as well.

I guess I am saying that I believe that Kozun has been ready to play in the NHL skill wise for the past couple of seasons (including this one) and that he is only as immature as most young prospects. In that he could have also learned how to mature on the Kings as well as he has in MCH.

That said the minor leagues are the proper place to work out the rough edges of a young players game so that is that. I am more than hopeful now that we will see all of BK's hard work and maturity turn into him getting his shot. His game is above average and now that he has been deemed to be mature enough to handle it I hope to see him at least have the opportunity to make it at the next level.

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