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04-19-2013, 10:07 AM
Lionel Mandrake
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
To play devil's advocate, their PP looks dangerous with streit and visnovsky... both QB material and able to shoot the puck.. and then there's tavares (the quietest superstar in the nhl today) and pp specialist moulson to deal with too.

Their PP scares me, and our PK isn't great to begin with.

That's the one spot where I think the habs can get burned against the isles. Neither of them are an easy out though. I wouldn't be surprised if all those teams want the habs more than any other possible matchup either
There's not going to be a lot of PPs in the playoffs and to be fair, I think the Habs have been guilty of overconfidence when playing NYI. That wouldn't happen in the playoffs either.

I voted Ottawa but if EK is back for the 1st round I'd rather get the Islanders. They're a 1-line team, which is easier to neutralize in a best of 7, especially with home ice advantage, and I get the feeling making the playoffs is going to be their Stanley Cup, usually leading to an early exit.

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