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04-19-2013, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by El Emperor View Post
First off, sorry for late reply. I had to sleep so bad. Anyway, I really couldn't care less about his cap hit in regards to making moves, etc. My problem is that he is paid on par with other goalies that can be trusted to make saves when defenses break down. Especially on that second goal, he just looks completely lost on every breakaway. Yeah, he might not care all that much seeing the awful effort in front of him, but come on! No matter how bad this team was last night, a 0-1 deficit could have been overcome just by dumb luck. That second goal was brutal regardless of how awful the rest of the team played.
Exactly! A lot of the more rational Bryz critics keep pointing this out and I don't understand how the Bryz apologists continue to not get this point.

We paid Bryz and got him to make exceptional saves that can oftentimes motivate a team to take chances offensively which is what Lavi's system is supposed to be about. He doesn't do it enough! Every mistake the D or team D commits Bryz is rarely able (under 90%) to bail them out. Then the apologists say it's not his fault...frustrating as hell.

He is PAID to play above and beyond ..he effin doesn't and his woe is me or us lamentations afterwards are freaking annoying. Barely any fight or resolve in the guy. All he talks about his how important other things in life are like his family etc and yeah they are but his JOB is no less important especially when the team committed millions to him. If he strongly feels other things are way more important in life then he should RETIRE! I really don't understand what Snider "loves" about him but yeah Snider is obviously trying to present a happy face when I'm sure deep down he realizes he bought himself a moldy "lemon."

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