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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
When you say "I am wrong", and if you are right, then HoSang should have been drafted 2nd last year, and Mccool and Capobianco should have been drafted out of the top 10, and Marcuantuoni would have not dropped to 17, and so on....
Well, Marcantuoni committed to Michigan. He played the NCAA game to get to a certain spot. And I completely disagree, but HoSang was rated 7th by OHL Central last year, so 5th isn't that big of a stretch. He would have gone 1st had McDavid not gotten ES, but after that the other option may have been 4th. the Fronts and Petes were not going to draft him, for different reasons.

Can agents make a different on one or two spots, sure. But to suggest that players who are no where near top 10 selections become them just because an agent makes a phone call, come on...only one person could do that, and its not an agent.

GM's don't put their jobs on the line to make an agent happy. Some agents play games, sure, but at the end of the day the effect is minimal. 2-3 spot shuffles aren't really a massive difference.

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