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04-19-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
Let me start with the statement that I am not a Bryz supporter nor am I a Bryz hater.

I have stated many a times that Bryz will be bought out regardless of his play- his cap for the length of his contract is not compatible with the new CBA. In my opinioin, the amnesty should happen next year: a) gives a year of Mason evaluation; b) no need to scramble for a goalie this season; Snyder's money will be paid for some kind of work.

However, that will mean that Flyers HF board will be polarized and unreadable for another year.
The hate and sicken bickering and over analyses of everything Bryz does (looks, frases, shopping) makes it difficult for the folks in the middle to enjoy hockey discussions. I understand that he has underperformed and thus has allienated a huge part of the fans, and I get that. But whatever happens here lately may be classified as paranoia.

On the other note, if his and Brier's fate is sealed, why they keep playing them?
Would anyone give the company the best effort knowing they are going to be laid off in a month? I, certainly, would have lost all the motivation to come to work.

Flyers should play the players they are moving forward with right now.

End of the rant
to be fair I think I'm the only one who mentioned his looks and it was a joke. I agree Bryz has not been good but the Bryz hate (and love by a select few) is unbearable at times.

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