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04-19-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
1.Moen has more of a physical presence than Dumont, 2kills penalities and is one of our best defensive forwards. 3Not sure if people expect him to fight every game or run around like a chicken with it's head cut off and try and hit everybody.

4It's the same thing every year on here, the posters which each other into a frenzy and by the end of the year there are 2-3 players that "have to go". Then the following year they crap on somebody else and say how much better player X or Y is doing(mostly because they have lowered their own expectations of taht players to mind boggingly low levels).

5Bourque is a prime example of that. Last year he was getting chances but was snakebitted, this year he comes in healthier and scores a few goals and everybody loves him.
geez, who are you? his mom?

1. No. what game are you watching?
2. Right now, I thing this award goes to Mr.Halpern
3. No and Yes. Nobody is asking him to fight every game, but when you see a guy like Gallager get crushed and you are right there...go for it. If you cant do that...please give us great shifts aka hit everything that move.

4. welcome to the reality of sports, if you want us to sing cumbaya till the end of the's not going to happen.

5. and we are all happy for him for me its been always The TEAM first then the players. If you are playing great hockey...good. You are in until you suck and I find someone better.

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