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04-19-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
For all the "small small small" "rabble Rabble rabble" stuff going on, consider a couple things. First, a guy like Drouin (and MacKinnon to an extent) may not be "huge" players, but they are HIGH END talents.

Second, if some how Drouin falls to the Oilers, forcing them to take him, then you can trade Gagner without even blinking an eye. I'm suggesting either converting Drouin to the middle or flipping, say, Gagner, Hemsky and Hamilton to PHX for Hanzal and Klesla, boom big center and the overall skill on the team has increased.

Again, we all whine about size, and it's needed, but being better then everyone helps too.
I keep hearing the same things every year. Always draft BPA and worry about trading for needs later yet the trades never happen and the same needs remain.
The Oilers are not getting Hanzal out of Phoenix without one of "The Big 4" going the other way, that's just the reality of it. Hanzal is arguably their 2nd most player, he will be extremely tough to pry out of Phoenix.

If there is a choice between Drouin and Barkov, you take Barkov and don't think twice. I would draft Monahan over him too. It's not like Drouin is a generational talent or a consensus #1 pick. If the Oilers are at 7 or 8 and Drouin drops that far then it becomes a no brainer to take him but otherwise, give me the strong 2 way center or the potential #1 Dman.
The BPA thing is overrated unless you're drafting in the top 3 or the prospect is CLEARLY the BPA.

The Oilers already have enough skilled high end talent on the wing to last a generation. It's time to add strength and 2 way play to this group and the easiest way for the Oilers to do this is through the draft since they don't have a lot of attractive assets outside of The Big 5 who i'm sure are pretty much untouchable.

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