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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
No man. Posters like Bob are trying to paint this rosey Caps land picture here. We are "nastier", and more "ready for the playoffs" then ever, and this "could be our year"...when defending the team, and its management.

Bob knows what I am saying to him. All that schmaltz....and now we could actually miss the playoffs.

*If* that happens, then what is the defense of this regime?

That said,

Fire George
When did I ever say we are guaranteed to make the playoffs this year? I said I like the direction. This to me means I like the trend. I didn't say we have fully arrived at the destination.

In fact I have expressly pointed out that some of it (Wilson, Latta, offseason restructuring) has not come to fruition. Its not going to happen overnight.

Think you need to let the anger go a bit my man. Its not worth getting all stressed out about. Keep things in proper perspective.

Originally Posted by Langway View Post

Ottawa is far more cohesive, disciplined, seemingly faster and more tenacious. What Washington has done to so many teams lately from a discipline and cohesion standpoint was turned on its head (and then some) last night. . was one game. The Caps were off and Ottawa was on. That happens in sports.

Originally Posted by CapitalsCupFantasy View Post
That we EXPECT a team of PROFESSIONALS to take a night off and mail it in, says a lot about the Caps as an organization.
Hold on there. You are sounding like a Toronto fan or one of those Boston fans that was saying they need to trade everyone after we came back and beat them earlier this year.

It was 1 loss. They didn't "mail it in". They did not "dog it" Jagr style. They didn't have the energy where Ottawa did.

You won't even remember this game a year from now. If we rewind to every stanley cup winner from previous years we can find a dozen games where they didn't have gas in the regular season.

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