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04-19-2013, 12:26 PM
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People will have to slow down on his "insane positional play". We do notice that for a big guy Price moves way too much in front of his net. And don't believe much as you think he's an idiot and a bad coach, we could at least probably believe what Patrick Roy has to say on that subject. And he also believes he moves way too much for a big goalie. And that's not solely based on yesterday or his bad stretch. It's incredible that it wasn't fixed yet.

Some of the incredible saves he made yesterday, would have been put on the "Those were incredible saves but that's because he's average positionnaly and had to stretch out" if his name wasn't Price. Yet, he made those saves and that's exactly what he needed to his game going....or so we hope.

Price do have his flaws. From his movement, to him being on his knees too often, to his puck tracking, to him not using his stick well enough to protect the 5-hole. Still work to be done. But he's 26. So it either means, it's already late to work on everything....or still young for a goalie. Take your pick.

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