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04-19-2013, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Plus potential accomplices. Certainly a unique situation.

But if he's willing to throw grenades at cop cars, what would stop him from doing it to the crowd outside of TD?
Agree a unique and emotionally-charged situation, which is what I think is influencing the unique response. Are we seeing some precedents being set here?

If god forbid there is a bombing in another city, will the response be cancelling sporting and cultural events, because "this is a time for grieving not hockey/baseball/concerts/dining, let's shut the city down"? Or if a dangerous criminal is on the loose will it be "No transit no driving everybody must stay at home or be arrested plus we are shutting off cell phone networks and Twitter until we find the suspect"?

It seems the police search is in suburban Watertown which is not so close to the TD Garden, across the river and 10km away.

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