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04-19-2013, 12:38 PM
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The people that are surpriced that zuke scored from right in front of the goal doesn't remember the last tim he were here before the injury.

2 of his 3 goals were from the front of the goal on reflections and rebounds..

So far he's played balls to the Walls on every shift and it has paid of so far..

Sure he has stuff to work on and improve but which player doesn't?

Also those not wanting Norwegian poster's here makes me scratch my head and arse at the same time? You don't want new fans supporting your team?

I support NYR not cause of zuke, but for personal reason. Zuke being there is an added bonus for me and I enjoy sitting up to 4 in morning watching games - my boss doesn't though..

Sure, some of us are bandwagon fans whilst others stick around but to not welcome all posters/fans with open arms is not How open minded and open hearted I remember New Yorkers from my yearly trips to the greatest city in the world where I always visit the greatest arena in the world and hang out with some of the best fans in the world..

Back on zuke; so good..I just think he came here 2 weeks too late to really be a factor..

If he gets signed for next year, then I'll fistpump and nod in approval.

If he doesn't Get signed, then I'll still be here...annoying some of You fine folks...

This is one fan signing out..a NYC/NYR fan that is..

If I come across as offensive or this post doesn't make sense - I blame Jack Daniels and my beer googles..

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