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04-19-2013, 12:57 PM
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Most of the stuff on this thread is garbage.

Mats has come in and been one of our top 3 most dynamic players on offense. He's been physical, he's forechecked hard, his speed has improved, he's improved his play off the puck and his defensive positioning, in addition to having possibly the best vision on the ice (out of anyone on the team), great playmaking abilities and decisions, and lately even a goal scoring touch. Any time he is on the ice he seems to make an impact. That is undeniable. Forget stats right now, the impact he has had on the team can not be denied. Our powerplay has improved, Richards has improved, the entire team has improved. He's an excellent locker room presence, the guys love having him around, and he's showing great play and effort out on the ice as well.

He has deficiencies. He's not the strongest on the boards... while he has improved defensively he's not always the best defender... sometimes he tries to force passes and it leads to odd man rushes...

So does every player. Every player has deficiencies. Enough of the complaining. He'll have his faults, but then again, so will everyone. Mats definitely deserves a lot more respect from this fan base. He's playing his heart out and he's given this team a boost when it seemed that they were down and out. He's earned top 9 minutes, and arguably even top 3 minutes.

And for those who claim otherwise and list his poor defensive play as a predominant reason, Torts system should not be your basis on judging a player. It's, in my opinion, a horrific hockey system. You have naturally talented offensive players so they can play offense, not focus on defense. We struggle with scoring goals and Mats is (again) one of our top 3 most dynamic players on offense.

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