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Originally Posted by Ref9 View Post
Played lacrosse in college, was a defenseman. Use to love the coach's comments, "jump in front of the shots and that's one less save our goalie has to make". Doing fast break drills one day in practice, my responsibility was to move towards the attackman that was carrying the ball to make him commit. In this case it was one of our coaches and he committed alright, quick sticked it at our goal but it never made it there as it went through my face cage (spreading the bars) and the next thing I realized, I was on my knees with blood rushing out of my face and the ball rolling around on the inside of my face mask. Luckily only got 4 stitches over the eye.
I'm laughing here at work, good stuff. I always love the big, bad defensemen who get hit with a shot and roll around like they've been shot. Or better yet, when a shooter winds up to crank a shot and the defense and attack part like Moses and the Red Sea.

I got hit once so hard in the head in college it cracked my helmet. The ball fell right in front of me, I picked it up, threw an outlet pass, and went black; I fell backwards into the net. Next thing I knew I was waking up on the sideline with my trainer asking me the usual, "what's your name," "what day is it," "what's 3+3." Fun times.

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