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Originally Posted by 4040tee View Post
a) when i get the ball i feel like a deer in the headlights i have no idea who to pass it to
Although on skates I'd say to be at least gliding, but be moving when you have the ball/puck. If your feet are locked then you're watching the game going on around you. I remember someone saying its a lot easier to go from slow to fast than from stopped to slow. So just by moving you'll be opening up options and a quick step or two can open up more.
edit: More about this, talk to your forwards and coach about where the forwards are looking to go or be during a breakout. I talk to teammates to get a feel for where they're going to be or about going to certain areas where I know I can put the puck safely.
Originally Posted by 4040tee View Post
b) i cant make hard passes without them rising
Eh, it'll come with practice I wouldn't worry about that so much. Get a similar ball and practice against a brick wall or in some open space with a friend.
Originally Posted by 4040tee View Post
c) when the defensive team is cycling i have trouble beating them on the boards because i try to stay towards my net and play it safe
I think you're going to have to read the play and the player with the puck better on this one. Basically when you see them go to dump it on the boards hit the boards. Or if they do a D->D pass and your winger reads it right and pressures the pointman as the pass is coming across he'll have few options other than dumping it down the boards or just getting it deep in your defensive zone. So when you see the pass going across, try to figure out what that pointman's options will be before he receives it.

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