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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
Well Mikko Koivu is #1 C in the NHL. Barkov who outplayed Mikko Koivu at the lockout season as a 17 year old when they was matched against. We all know that Mikko Koivu competes everytime when he is on ice despite being FEL game. We are talking 17 year old who basically destroyed every offensive record in FEL for draft eligible player despite being one of the best two-way players if not the best in the league. Not best prospect or young player but arguably best two-way foward in the entire league.

Barkov has already polished game, he creates alot of nonflashy chances and scores alot of goals infront of net and clear majority of goals are scored infront of net. It is the crucial scoring area in game especially in the NHL. Barkov is playing against men and faces experienced pro players. It's not as easy to score flashy goals and dangles against them. It's easier to dangle CHL players who are still unexperienced and are prone to make mistakes. Barkov haven't made alot of highlight reel plays but how much Crosby does those plays nowadays? How much he dangles nowadays? It's just simple and effective. Barkov plays similar offensive game. He has very fast head and can think the game couple steps ahead other players. Crosby is on different level on his head but Barkov is very high-end in that department.

When i compare him to Mikko Koivu Barkov has clearly more offensive talent and is already better than him in many offensive attributes. I have no doubt that Barkov has #1 C potential. In Oilers case #1B. RHN could score slightly more points every year but Barkov is the one who plays every situation, more TOI and is more important and useful for the team.

Barkov is defensively elite and he has potential to be competing for selke every year. How he competes and fight for the puck reminds me from Jere Lehtinen and Mikko Koivu. He doesen't give up in any situation. Isn't as intensive as Koivu but works as hard. Dragan Umicevic the swedish player stated that Barkov is the most talented player he has played with and he clearly stated that he has played with Kopitar. It doesen't mean that he will be as good or better but has talent to be better.

You don't score 48 points as 17 year old in FEL without having #1 potential. Mikko Koivu had 1 point in his draft year. Different era yes but Barkov has made history in FEL offensively. He contributed in WJC as 16 year old. Scoring gamewinner in QF and was younger than Crosby to score in WJC. Had 4 points in 7 games without having any PP time as 3rd C and those points was against Can, Cze, Svk and swe. Statistically he is impressive but when you watch him playing you'll notice that he doesen't have to change thing to translate his offensive game into NHL. Simple, quick, effective and straight foward. When considering his raw skating and it is still developing i think that his offensive ceiling is very high. Sky is the limit but he never will be flashy player just effective.
This is a really good post. Thanks for this.

I agree. I'm a huge fan of Barkov. During the season last year, I assumed we would finish this year with the 5th overall pick, so I went ahead and looked at some prospects in the 2013 draft. The two who jumped out at me were Barkov and Monahan, who I figured would both fight with Jones and MacKinnon for first overall. Jones has taken the top position and ran with it, deservingly so. MacKinnon and Drouin, I'm not so sure on, and I never have been. I hope for our sake other teams are so that we are able to draft Barkov at 5, or wherever we draft because I see him as even more than a 2C, I see him as a top centre, just below a franchise player (Toews, Kopitar). Him and RNH would create a 1-2 punch for the ages, matched only by Crosby and Malkin IMHO. Both have excellent vision and are fantastic at both ends of the ice. Drafting Barkov won't make the team better instantly, but it will go a long way in making the team a contender. is a good site to use when looking at the draft because not only does it take ISS rankings into consideration, it also takes a team's needs and tendencies into consideration when creating a top 30 list.

If we draft Barkov, I would bring him first to the AHL, then give him the third line Couturier treatment, meaning Gagner should stick around for two more seasons. After that, he should be either traded for depth, or tried at the wing in order for Barkov to become the 2C. One of Gagner or Eberle should be traded in order to fill needs at other positions. The pros to trading Gagner is Eberle is obviously the better player, but the con is he will net a much smaller return. The pro to trading Eberle is that Gagner can play centre and wing and will probably come cheaper while Eberle who is the better player can net a significant return.

Two possible scenarios:





Eberle could be traded for XXX and YYYY in scenario 2, while Gagner would probably only be able to return XXXX in scenario 1.

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