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09-05-2006, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Rapid_i_movemenT View Post
thanks for the tips everyone, I'll keep practicing as much as I can. My seasons starts this weekend so I have to get to work!

Do you guys roller blade for practice as well? My crossovers toward the right need some work (thats what happens when free skate only goes counter-clockwise )

I've bought a pair of bauer roller blades and have been practicing, but just wanted to get your guys' take on it.

By the way, this has been a really great freakin' resource for us newbie hockey players. I've been ice skating and taking hockey classes for 8 months now, and just finished my first ever league at logitech ice in san jose (starting my 2nd soon!), and I just love all the tips that I've seen posted on these forums. Thanks for helping a California hockey lover out.
I wear my inlines when I do a lot of stick handling drills.

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