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04-19-2013, 02:46 PM
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Looking ahead to summer 2014, this team is going to have some trouble fitting under the cap if big changes aren't made, especialy if they pay big money for some free agents this summer.

J Shutlz and RNH are going to need proper contracts that summer, and I would think we're looking at 5-6 million for each, at least if they have solid years. Petry, Dubnyk and PRV are going to want raises, and I can't see replacing any of them for cheaper. If PRV is gone, it's probably going to be in a trade for someone more expensive. We'll be relying a lot on Yakupov and Klefbom's entry level deals.

A possible scenario (parenthesis indicate a guess at salary):

Left Wing
Hall 6
PRV (2.5)
? 2
? 1

Right Wing
Yakupov 3.775
Eberle 6
? 2
? 1

Gagner (5)
Horcoff 5.5
? 1

Smid 3.5
Petry (3)
J Shutlz (5)
2013 Acquisition (5)
Klefbom 1.275
? 1

Dubnyk (4)
Backup 1.5

Total: 65.55

We don't know what the cap will be, but that number is probably pushing right against it, maybe over. Hemsky and N Shultz are gone. I don't think we can afford them, and I don't think they'll be missed. The number could be reduced quite a bit if Gagner is replaced by say Monahan and Horcoff gets bought out. Even so, that would still be around 60 million with only a single quality player added this summer. I'm assuming relatively cheap bottom 6 players to fill out the roster as well.

If anyone has hopes of adding 10 million plus in free agent signings this summer, remember that cap hit has to be made up somewhere. Room also has to be left for the 2015 summer, when Klefbom and Yakupov go off ELC, although at least Horcoff will be out of the picture by then. Obviously you never know what the future will bring, but Mac T is going to have to think very hard about every player he signs this summer with a contract longer than a year. I think we should hold on to our first round pick a well, as whoever we pick is going to be a lot cheaper than whoever we trade the pick for.

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