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04-19-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
If the Bruins are looking to trade Lucic, they almost certainly won't get an Eberle level talent back. Benn, Kane, etc. teams almost never move those guys. If Eberle was the asking price, then I would have no problem with MacT hanging up the phone.

I would be willing to go as high as Hemsky + Hartikainen + 1st 2014 + 2nd 2015 for Lucic. Given his play this year, his contract is a bit of a risk, and with the cap dropping Boston's options for trade might be limited. Especially if the rumours that Lucic wants to raise his kid closer to his parents is true.
I really like that deal and Boston gets good value. Lucic would be great, but not parting with Eberle for him.

Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
Lucic seems to approaching that point where he's not worth the cash to Boston and they may consider trading him.

The risk is does he wake up when he gets to his new team.

Historically speaking Edmonton has an awful time motivating these types of players and usually their run out of town. I don't like our odds with Lucic and I'd hate to lose any of the top 4 or this draft pick to **** it down the crapper on a player we can't motivate.

Guess that's the risk with Lucic.
It is somewhat of a gamble but with reports he wants to be closer to his family in BC, and that he came to camp out of shape (didn't even skate for 2 months prior to the lockout ending). Both can be fixed and I think he'd motivated to be better next year.

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