Thread: Speculation: What to do about Toby?
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04-19-2013, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by KCjetsfan View Post
that's like saying crosby scores alot of points, aside from the times he's out with a concussion. yeah ok. you're telling me you wouldn't take crosby (recent injuries and all) over lumbering 6'6 240 lbs hitter?
Well, I'd see your point if Crosby's main job was to defend against men that are much larger than him, but it isn't so am a bit confused as such... given that your example doesn't really qualify as analogous, whatsoever. Perhaps you could have chosen instead an example of an undersized d-man that has been often injured of late; can't think of many of those though because most teams use sizable d-men in their top pairs. Wonder why?

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