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Originally Posted by double5son10 View Post
For me it's the '82 Canucks. Although they were an underrated defensive team, 5th overall in GA, they only had 77 points and essentially made the Finals because everyone they met in the first three rounds was a worse team: Flames 75 pts., Kings 63 pts., Blackhawks 72 pts. Not an epic run.
I think the 82 Canucks are consistently underrated. Sure they had 77 points, but you must remember this was before regular season overtime, or shootouts, so they did not get the opportunity to pick up extra points through OT or SO wins that teams today enjoy.

Under today's point system with the 17 ties they had they would have likely picked up another 5 to 6 wins and minimum another 10 points or more and would likely be around a 90 point team.

As you mentioned the 82 Canucks (286 GA) had the 5th best goals against in a season where the league average was 321. The only teams with a better average were Montreal(223), NY Islanders(250) Buffalo(273) and Boston(285) who were all top teams that season

People also forget that, that Canuck team went undefeated (6-0-3) in their last 9 going into the playoffs and proceeded to go 11-2 to reach the finals. Only losing 2 of their last 22 games combined going into that final. All that from a team that before that season had never even won a playoff series.

In the playoffs two of those teams they faced were only 2 points(Calgary) and 5 points(Chicago) worse than Vancouver. Should have made for a close competitive long series, right? And yet they went 7-1, sweeping Calgary, and eliminating Chicago in five games.

Originally Posted by double5son10 View Post
Then they of course got swept.
By the (at the time) two time defending Stanley Cup Champions, who would go on to win 4 straight Stanley Cups, and appear in 5 straight Final series. Losing 6-5(OT) 6-4, 3-0, 3-1, with none of the games being a blowout, was a pretty respectful showing for Vancouver against that Islander team.

Had it been anyone else other than the Islanders in that final, and as we know the Islander came within a whisker of being eliminated in the deciding game of round 1, needing a goal with 2:21 left in the 3rd and another in OT to win that series. Against anyone else with how well the Canucks were playing at that point in time, and especially how well their goaltending and defense were compared to the other teams left, they could very well have won it all and we would be putting them on the list of worst teams to win a Stanley Cup.

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