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Originally Posted by bebl View Post
can you explain this? Kousa was best d-men after Vatanen in sm-liiga last two seasons.
Are you seriously telling me that because Kousa was a good SM-liiga d-man a whole whoppin' season ago, he should be judged by that instead of the fact that he's had a less-than-flattering club season this year, and been so-so over the camp and previous EHT?

For what it's worth, I thought Kousa was good in last year's preliminary games, and back then I thought he'd make it over Hietanen. But yeah, that was then. This is now.

Best note though that Ristolainen has been nothing special either. Yes, he had a solid showing that gives away a ton of promise, but in the end, he was no rainmaker. Though if his development persists, he'll likely be a stud this time next year. While seeing him make the final cut would have made this tournament that much more interesting, seeing him go now was by no means a disappointment.

Anyway, I'd like to know more what's going on in Jalonen's head concerning the center department. Yes, Ramstedt was being kinda lax and looked lazy at times, but while Kontiola and Viitaluoma (apparently) can handle the playmaking duties, just having them two is still awfully thin. Hytönen, Wirtanen or Lahti are really no solutions here. Maybe he's looking to add someone from SM-liiga finals? Koskiranta comes to mind as first (as he has EHT experience from this season, no matter how meager), Mika Niemi (who has none) as second.

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