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04-19-2013, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
If Im making that up, which Im not, why in the heck does he have such a following? This is the question Im trying to get answered.
He has a big following for several reasons.

1. He did some great things in the Olympics for Norway
2. He adds some creativity to a North South team
3. He shows a lot of heart and never quits
4. He is like a water bug on the ice that is fun to watch
5. He has had SD overtime game winners
6. He has won multiple shootouts for us.
7. He wants to be a Ranger
8. He is a small guy that doesn't take crap from huge guys
9. He is a funny and humble guy who is well liked by other Rangers

Saying you were led to believe that he would be a definitive difference maker is a joke since you have never stopped bashing him from long before he was signed. Zooks has made many good plays in his time here. Fans have said that. Players have said that. Torts has said that. Our announcers have said that. Others teams announcers have said that. So lets make a bet. I bet you I can find 20 of your posts criticizing Zooks before you can show me 5 of your posts stating Zooks made a good play (without also bashing him in the same post). Is it a bet?

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