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04-19-2013, 05:40 PM
Craig Fischer
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inb4 Petrecki at 8!!! LOL

I know when I talked to David Thicke (great guy, excellent hockey mind, one of the few HF staffers like me that dare to traverse these boards) about Petrecki's climb he was a bit apprehensive--and rightly so-- dmen like Acolatse and Doherty just as easily could sit in front of him, and then you have guys from other positions, like say Tarasov who are making some noise and getting hyped like crazy--but Petrecki's the real deal, and like a lot of Shark's brass, I feel like he'll only get better at the NHL level. I'm hoping I didn't fall into the trap a lot of previous writers have when covering this team, but the way Petrecki has played this season, if I am to look at this situation objectively, and without bias, when I watch number 29 out on the ice, I see a fantastic player, with tremendous potential, who's playing a simplified and powerful game that translates well to the NHL level.

As always though, I really put a lot into this, and hope you get something out of it. By all means debate, and critique, heck share your own rankings (I love seeing how other people view this prospect pool)--this team's future is looking very promising.

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