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Originally Posted by ProPAIN View Post
Maybe one of the mods should change the thread title to just Transfer Rumors?

This is exactly why I want to get rid of some of the deadweight on this team (and not give them 5 year deals instead). We don't even need to go out on a spending spree since most of the replacements is already under contract.

OUT: ----------> IN:
Hilario ----------> Courtois (get him ready for Cech's departure)
Ferreira ----------> Chalobah (young defensive option, Ferreira finally leaves on a free transfer)
Mikel ----------> Romeu (the injury really ****ed things up, I think he's much better than Mikel)
Malouda ----------> Schurrle (he can play wing or attacking mid/striker option)
Marin ----------> De Bruyne (winger who has skill and can deliver crosses like no one's business. Marin's confidence is shot)
Essien ----------> Maybe "daddy" wants to keep him, but I think he's over the hill
Benayoun ----------> Piazon (especially if Pellegrini joins. Rafa can take Yossi back to Liverpool for all I care.)
Lampard ----------> McEachran (perfect replacement for Lampard IMO)
Moses ----------> Lukaku (or leave Lukaku out on loan and give De Bruyne more playing time)

I don't think Torres leaves this summer. They might give him one more year and he'll be trying to win a spot at the WC so they can ride that out for one year. Otherwise cash+Torres for Falcao/Lewandowski?

I also think if Pellegrini is brought in instead of Mourinho, he might want to bring Isco with him

Rotate Cahill, Ivanovic, Terry and Chalobah at the CB role. Azpi and Iva at RB. Cole and Bertrand at LB. I want them to get Luke Shaw from Southampton and send back on loan or something. I think he may be England's next LB.

Move Luiz into the DM position permanently with Ramires, Romeu and McEachran in the holding mid role.

Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Piazon, De Bruyne, Schurrle at attacking midfielders.

Ba, Torres (or Lewandowski/Falcao) as striker options. Schurrle can be the third striker option. If the injury bug hits, go with the Spanish 6 midfielders tactic
I don't think Moses will leave, he'll fit in with the home-grown quota and isn't old. Mikel with his contract will most likely stay as well. Of course I don't want them as starters, but I won't mind them staying as squad players.

I like McEachern, but I don't see him as a direct Lampard replacement. He doesn't have the scoring touch. I would have hoped they'd bought Hamsik to replace Lampard, but that seems unlikely now. McEachern is definately one to keep and potential starter, tough decision for them to make whether to loan him out or not. If he doesn't get regulat minutes with Chelsea, he nneds to be loaned.

I never wanted Torres (and was very surprised they brought him in like I said at that time on these boards) and they'd still be better of by getting rid of him and playing likes of Lukaku instead in a rotation with Ba.

Obviously getting Falcao woud be huge, but they just shouldn't spend money unnecessarily on strikers if they're only going to play one at front. No need for Falcao, Ba and Lukaku if you're only gonna start one of them. Should again send Lukaku on loan then. Ditto for Courtois, I see little benefit from preventing him from going on loan unless he's going to be a starter.

I think Chelsea needs to make a decision on van Aanholt, he's been doing very well in Holland with Vitesse. I'm torn wether to take him over Bernard. Either give van Aanholt a palce in the first team next season or sell him. He has reached that age.

Kakuta, they might still loan him for a year to see how it goes. Thinking of it, keeping Marin for a further year and allowing Kakuta to be starter somewhere else might not be a bad option when thinking about a future.

From the games I've seen from him, Piazon should be kept as a rotation player. Especially if Lampard and Benayoun leave. He can get minutes as a Mata/Oscar replacement.

If De Bruyne is not going to be starter, I'd still loan him out. He's good enough to be starter very soon, so he shouldn't waste a season mainly as a sub.

I think they shouldn't waste money on Schurrle unless both of the following happens: Torres leaves and they fail to sign Falcao.

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