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04-19-2013, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
The flaws you mention aren't flaws he has constantly and hasn't fixed - they're things that happens when he and/or the team are off their game. When he's focussed and in the zone, which is more often than not, he in an incredibly hard goalie to beat. Lately he's just had to put the pieces back together.
Don't necessarily agrees. Even in his great moments, I think that at best he doesn't move as much. But his puck tracking was often mentioned years ago. His stick on the ice in butterfly position was probably mentioned in Juniors. Something you are better at when you're confidence is that you confront the opponent. Your in front of your red paint and cut the angles. When you lack confidence, you're too deep. So THAT, I would agree that it's solely about confidence. He wouldn't have the record he has if he was always too deep. But him on his knees too often, was often noticed even in good moments. Just that he's big so even on his knees he covers a whole lot. Yet, when you add a bad D, well the opponents have more time to pick the corners and he's more beatable.

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