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Originally Posted by Craig Fischer View Post
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Stalock aged out last rankings I believe--same with Irwin.

I'm really interested in what's going to happen with Alex next season. With the recent signing of Grosenick, Anderson finishing up Juniors, Heemskerk showing some real development--and then of course the two S' in Worcester, there is a huge logjam of goaltenders within the system. One has to think that Greiss realistically won't be re-signed, and if that's the case, that's a huge leap of faith in Stalock...or potentially no faith at all if the team looks outside the organization to fill the void.

I've watched Ryan... 3 times this season (I'll be the first to tell you guys, it's not easy for me to keep tabs on these college players--but I do my best), and I've spoken to a few ECAC scouts about him. The consensus on him is that he's a good skater (he looked great against Yale in one game I saw) but I take what he displays in the Ivy-league, with a grain of salt. He's going to have to overcome a lot in terms of size issues (I think we list him at like 5'11 here, but there's no way he's 5'11) to really make it at the pro level. Two years from now I'm hoping (just as I hope with every person I cover--I don't wish bad on anyone) he bulks up, and impresses the Sharks enough to earn a contract (and he's doing great things). One thing that really impressed me is his shot blocking technique. Someone really taught this player well--he's a terrific shot blocker.
There are still some things I disagree with but when it comes to prospects there are LOTS of opinions...this was one of the more thorough write ups I've seen.

Ryan and Watson are the two I have the hardest time tracking but what I've seen of Ryan (and heard) he's got a lot of good tools.

I don't think Greiss or Heemskerk will be re-signed and I think Stalock will be backing up Niemi next year. As of now, that leave Sateri and (likely) Grosenick in Worcester and Anderson in SF.

Also, regarding their recent UFA signings, I see Schwarz charging up this list quickly, Hayes could be in the top 15 as well. Then there's a guy on an ATO right now that I think will be on this list too in Brace.

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