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04-19-2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by frankieboy View Post
...but what does he know.

"I really thought those two fights got us going," Tavares said. "[Carkner and Boulton] made big sacrifices for us and really woke us up and got us going. I think we believed in ourselves going into the game and to start the way we did was disappointing, but we recovered and those two guys fighting really got us going. It changed the momentum of the game for us."
Finally someone who actually gets it even though you never played the game.
Too many on this site act as if this is NHL 2013 the video game. These posters are clueless and uninformed when it comes to this topic.

Try telling that to all the know it all's on this site. They are so ignorant when it comes to this topic it actually is funny.
Not only did Tavares come out and say the fights changed the momentum of the game but Brad Boyes, Jack Capauno said the same thing! Butchie also was praising the fights by Boulton and Carnker at the post fight show saying those guys changed the momentum of the game.
The players WHO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME FOR A LIVING disagree with you anti-tough guy crew.
I'll take the opinions of our players,Coaches and guys who have actuall played the game before before I listen to some know it all poster that thinks you win by building a team like a video game.

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