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04-19-2013, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
Nope, he is still afraid that the $20 million is HRR.
Nope! I'm thinking, Bettman being a lawyer, he's wondering or has already or previously determined that if the NHL takes the overly generous management fee, it could be argued the NHL was in fact complicit in breaking the Arizona gift clause law by knowing or should have knowing what the law is and what the industry management standard is / was (and, adding for a bit of humour, taking advantage of a supposedly uninformed CoG clown-cil). This considering the CoG has already admitted they may be paying $6.5 million in the upcoming AMA with whatever arena management company puts in a bid.

If the AMA comes in at $6.5 million plus or minus say 250K, GWI could step in and say that everyone involved knew that the annual $25 million AMA cost over the past 2 years was in fact an enoumous gift. By not taking the $25 million for year 2, the average NHL management fee would drop to only $12.5 million per year over the two years, still over the $6.5 CoG believes they may be paying but a bit more easily explained away.....

And if that's the case what recourse would the CoC have against Skeete, Beasley, the mayor and those councillors who voted for the AMA which was approximately 400% over industry standard or 200% if the NHL decides not to take advantage of the misinformed?

So..... even if and when the hockey part of this most excellent reality show ends, there should be a thread on the legal proceedings that may take place....

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