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Originally Posted by Av-merican
I've been a hockey fan almost my entire life, and before the Avs came to town, I was a B's fan. So yeah, I know a little about Boston. Your point being?

He scored over 40 goals with Jozef Stumpel as his set up man two years ago, so right there your "riding the coattails of Joe Thornton" argument goes right out the window. He scored over 40 goals with Joe as his set-up man last year, but since he's off to a poor start, they're going to trade him!? One bad start doesn't erase 2 solid seasons, unless you're in Rangers management. And right there you admit that Carter is a third liner, so Boston should trade their top line right wing for a 3rd line right wing?

Boynton and Jillson have their faults, but neither of them are anywhere near as disastrous in their own end as Poti. He would only compound the problem the B's currently have, and that's keeping the puck out of their own net.

And finally...

Who said anything about an improved 2nd half? That wasn't my point. I'm not saying the Rangers should sit on their hands because the team will improve, but they need to stop making this trade or that for some hotshot player. It's like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. There are kids in the system who deserve to play, quit filling the roster spots with aging veterans and BUILD. The goal shouldn't be "get to the playoffs," it should be aimed at building a foundation for long-term success. You can't do that when you continually bring in veterans who have had their best years elsewhere.
Dumping ground for bad contracts?!?!


He is free to walk away from the B's at yrs end which he likely will do when he gets Jacobs "offer" to remain in Beantown.That means you look at moving him for something rather than losing him for nothing and the fact that he's a UFA this significantly LOWERS your trade value!!!

You asking me what my point about Boston and UFA's was is a joke right?

And Murray is as inconsistent as it comes as well.He's a poor mans Leclair and is a guy that feeds off of what others create.Stumpel is a great playmaker and yes, his year last yr was very, very much about being on Hart trophy Joe Thornton's winger.

And as somebody else just pointed out what was in the paper the other day why the @$% would you have the one and only Teddy D manning your PP point when your so full of offensive talent from the blueline???No need to upgarde there as shown by this point.

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