Thread: Proposal: J. Cowen for J. Eberle
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04-19-2013, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ATdaisuki View Post
why don't you revisit that post you quoted. i'll change it a bit for you.

you didn't argue a single thing in his post. you dismissed it without addressing the main points. you pointed out something practically irrelevant and went on like there was nothing valid in the rest of it. you were saying something about logical fallacies, i think you just did one yourself.

since i'm here, i'd just like to say that i wouldn't trade for eberle because his value is too high. i would also not trade cowen because i think he brings something we need and would be hard to replace. i also believe that cowen has #1 potential. paying what it would take to please edmonton fans, or even the more realistic demands their gm would make it not worth it for us. if we want to acquire someone, we should go after a cheaper option. perhaps someone older, less talented, or both.
I actually never mentioned a thing about logical fallacies. The point of my post in that case was to show that players drafted in the first round could have equal value or greater value over unused first round picks based on the team they were coming from. The post I responded to argued that draft history shows that first round picks don't always work out and thus were not worth as much as picks that could be used by one's own scouting staff. Sooth's original post was related to another person's proposal of three first round draft picks from Ottawa and thus I used Ottawa's draft history to refute the claim that first rounders rarely play over 82 games in the NHL. I fail to see how my response was not directly related to Sooth's main point.

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