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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Need more context.
The r-on/R-off needs to be included so we can examine how much of that is team based and how much of a difference said player is to his team average.

Dats age 28 produced 55ES, 29PP, 3SH +36
Gretzky age 28 produced 101ES, 52PP, 15SH +15

Dats age 29 produced 56ES, 40PP, 1SH +41
Gretzky age 29 produced 96ES, 40PP, 6SH +8

Dats age 30 produced 59ES, 36PP, 2SH +34
Gretzky age 30 produced 103ES, 59PP, 1SH +30

At the 28 year level, Gretzky more than makes up for any ES advantage Dats has by dominating him in special teams.

At the 29 year level, this is the only year Dats looks better than Gretzky statwise.

At the 30 year level, this is once again Gretzky's show. He not only matches Dats' ES ratio but also dominates him in on the special teams front once again.

Either way, at the end of the day, scoring goals gets you wins.
Preventing goals gets you shootouts.
I don't have the R-on and R-off numbers for both guys, although we do know that Dats is often lined up against the best offensive line of the opposition teams.

If you want to look at all raw stats, then you also need to adjust them for the era, or context of the league they were scored in as well.

In this case Dats actually has his points totals going up in 5 of the 6 years (from 1 to 8 points more) and Wayne has a substantial decrease in all 6 (from 11-29 points per season) .

Mario also suffers from the same fate as being less than average defensively in his career.

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