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04-19-2013, 10:07 PM
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MCI using his speed to charge at the goalie to try to catch the puck that was cleared by the Whale. Doesn't get there in time, but forces the goalie to come out of the net, creating an opportunity for Thomas.

Kinkaid is looking real good for the Devil Rats.

Whale score, but not before running into Kinkaid, so it won't count and it's a penalty on the Whale. This is a BS call. It was a Rat who hit his own goalie and who knocked Kinkaid's helmet off. The officials are even more terrible than usual tonight. Awful, just awful.

Prior to the penalty, 6 shots for the Whale, none for the Rats.

Segal has the puck on his stick and tries to stickhandle instead of dumping the puck out, resulting in an own zone turnover, leading to all types of chances for the Devils the rest of the PP.

That idiot penalty call destroyed all the Whale momentum. Now 5 straight shots by the Rats.

Bourque draws a penalty. Love his game. Total BS that he's not in our top-20 prospects.

Really good looking PP for the Whale, but Kinkaid is putting on a goaltending clinic out there.

Say what you will about him at the NHL level, but Noob is the backbone of the Whale. He's to the Whale what Messier was to the Rangers 20 years ago.

GOAL: Collins with a strong game. And as I typed this, Collins dumps the puck out to Tessier who send it across to Thomas who buries it.

GOAL: I began writing that Talbot is doing well, but he gave up a goal under the catching glove that he shouldn't have. Too many WTF goals.

MCI on for both goals against, and both times he was the man closest to the puck when it was scored.

MCI is good at stopping the puck along the blue line to keep it in the offensive zone.

MCI gives up a turnover while trying to shoot from the blue line.

Something is off with Talbot's concentration. He stops tough shots like nobody's business, but if there is a simple shot, it goes in somehow.


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