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Originally Posted by blogofmike View Post
A) In 1991, at age 30, Wayne Gretzky had a better season than Pavel Datsyuk has ever had, will ever have, or could dream of having.
Exactly what metric are you using?

Only offensive counting stats no doubt.

In this great season he was on the ice for ESGF/ESGA of 130/100 which really isn't very good at all when one is talking about elite seasons. this is for an LA team that had a 340/254 GF/GA split.

I'll take Dats in either 08 or 09 when he was 29 and 30 and had splits of 84/43 and 84/50 for teams that had splits of 257/184 and 295/244.

B) R-on/off can be useful, but for everyone who says "let's not be too hard on Messier, he was competing with Gretzky," the inverse is true as well. Outscoring the Messier/Anderson line, or the Nicholls/Robitaille/Taylor line by a little is better than outscoring a Johan Franzen line by a lot.
It's another metric that is more usefull when grouping seasons together to get a picture rather than just looking at stand alone seasons.

Also let's not be suckers for +/-. Unless you want to say that Marty McSorley (+48) was better than Gretzky (+30) in 1991. Goals-Assists-Points are much better numbers to look at than Total Goals For.
This was brought up before and that's why it's good to look at more than one season at a time and why I did the Dats/Wayne comp over 2 3 season stretches.

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