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04-19-2013, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
See this to me is ok, and I can almost agree with it.

But rooting for your team to lose, I can't agree with.
I'm with you on this. I was extremely active on some Kings message boards up until several years ago, and a string of seasons where a lot of the posters hoped and actively rooted for losses just stifled any real joy there was for me in trying to talk hockey, or even watching games. I guess it's how some best cope with the crap of a poor season, but...I can't say I ever enjoy watching the guys lose, or ever finding positives in that (even though the upside of a higher draft pick is quite obvious).

I guess, bottom line sometimes, don't let a message board affect your love of the game and the team, and worst case, just do your best to ignore it. Take it from someone who saw a love of his lifelong team partially wane because of it. At least you can take heart in knowing that the guys on the ice don't feel the same way.

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