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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
I really do not want to get into a back and forth on this, but I feel like I should at least respond. Let me first cut and paste the text that I think some may find issue with:

"had no one to blame for that but himself... Indeed, Kozun’s attitude had gotten in the way of his development, and it has taken him until this season, his third with the Monarchs, to take big steps towards seeing the light."

"In fact, to several of the media covering the Kings, including yours truly, Kozun came off as a bit cocky and perhaps, as Morris noted, arrogant."

"I attributed that to Kozun constantly having to deal with questions about his size, and those saying that he is too small to play at the next level, ever since his youth hockey days. In fact, I believed that he developed that attitude as motivation."

"There’s that maturity thing popping up again."

It seem's to me that you have let any personal feelings/observations that you have for the player seep into the article. Which if fine, obviously, you are the writer. Any kind of respected writer should not be "cheerleading" our teams players/prospects. They should write objective commentary. My only point, however, is that you seem to have written a piece that is overall, pretty negative. Kozun is not a cancer in the dressing room, and is not any more confident/cocky that any other professional hockey league prospect. It crosses the line, in my view, when you dedicate pretty much an entire write up on a player with its main focus being some sort of fabricated "off-ice" maturity issue that pretty much EVERY prospect deals with. Whether the articles you write have any sort of influence within the Kings organization or not (I am assuming that they don't), I do not think it is "right" to put out a perception of a player that may be characterized by some as fact, one way or the other. That is my only point.

Quick side note. It is strange to me to see a coach really give it to a player like Morris did through the media. Questioning character/attitude is something that should be left to the confines of the dressing room, in my opinion. Rather odd to see him highlight one of his top players supposed former "negative" qualities in such a frank matter of fact fashion. Whether that is done to illustrate personal growth in the player or not, quite odd for the focus not to be what Kozun does on the ice where he is quite effective.
It was commentary based on an objective analysis of the facts, as presented to me directly by first-hand sources, head coach Mark Morris and right wing Brandon Kozun. Nowhere did I say that Kozun was a "cancer." You drew your own conclusion about what the story said in that case.

Also, in no way does this story do any sort of cheerleading, as you put it. Again, it is a commentary/analysis piece, to be sure. However, it is all based on facts presented by first-hand sources.

I believe the difference is that you're going on what you've seen, as a fan following the Monarchs. I'm relying on actual, credible sources. You've claimed that parts of what I wrote are "untrue." Considering that I reported what Morris and Kozun told me, are you saying that they were lying?

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