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Originally Posted by Killion View Post

Ya? A short way of saying you actually went to a school that didnt have barbed wire & Guards armed with Tasers unlike the Grifters involved with Beacon. Even at the hyper-inflated rate of 275 bucks an hour for some kid still reeking of Sunlight Soap & the playing grounds of PS123 how do you justify not only that rate but for the Love of God near on $2K an hour for Beacons' Branzoids?... You cant. So whats your point aqib? That the Worlds so ***** up that companies like PWC in setting an insane precedent, that Flim Flammers like Beacon should just replicate that model? Does that make it right? Everythings normal, just all Hunky-Dory?.
The point is simple. When you hire consultants to do something that you can't do in house its really freaking expensive. Same occurs when you hire a mechanic, lawyer, doctor, etc. Heck why are arenas so expensive? Its not just steel and concrete that you are paying for. Its the architects, construction managers, bankers to underwrite the bonds, etc.

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