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04-20-2013, 01:42 AM
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I expected Ristolainen to get cut. He wasn't the worst defenseman in the camp roster and honestly, I thought his problems in his own end weren't as bad as I originally thought they would be. He looks every bit like a promising young defender who still has lots of room to improve. In deciding to cut him instead of a poorly performing Kousa, Jalonen made a Jalonen choice. He chose to keep the older, more experienced one for another while longer and to see if he can find his game. Ristolainen made it a lot further this season than I expected him to, and I think he has every chance in the world to make the team next season. Jalonen wouldn't have kept him in this long if he didn't see promise in this kid. I hope to see him on EHT next season.

I certainly hope Kousa does not make the final cut if he plays the way he has so far this season. I'm also not convinced by Laakso at all and he seems to be prone to stupid penalties, but he's getting another chance too.

It's good that Kontiola's injury isn't a serious one, but he's probably not 100%. We also have yet to see if he can handle the job he's going to get. He's never had a big role in the NT before. Last year he was the 4th line center who had no pressure, making it easier for him to exceed expectations. He's not going to have that luxury this year. He's in better shape this year, but I'm still skeptical. Then we have Viitaluoma who I don't think is capable of being a good 2nd line center on this level. Ramstedt wasn't a better choice. It's looking like Jalonen will go for two offensive and two defensive centers. That is a bit of a strange choice because he has at least three lines worth of offensive wingers.

Sounds like Jormakka thinks he should make the team. I don't think he's skilled enough despite his good skating and I certainly don't know where he'd even fit. Maybe as an extra forward?

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