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04-20-2013, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
That was not the point and you know it. We were discussing Clowe's flaws. I was bringing perspective into it. If Stepan were to do that, I wouldn't be discussing that play because Stepan hasn't been relatively productive all year. Clowe has not stood out much since coming here. Played well in his first couple games vs Pittsburgh. But he has looked even slower than his usual self. I'm not even discussing that from an offensive standpoint. I'm looking at it in the sense that he is too slow to get in and finish a check; by the time he's there it'd be a late hit and/or the play is gone already. That is just not efficient for the type of player he is and what you expect. Yeah he did a good job on the play against Florida to get that goal. But my point was you can't look at that play to determine his overall play.

Again, what I was saying was you can't look at that play/shift, point to that and tell me yeah he is playing well and effectively...because he is not. I've seen Clowe play over the years. He's better than that. I think we gave up a lot for the player he IS right NOW. SJ fans will disagree. Three draft picks in rounds 2-3 is a lot. Especially for this organization which has had recent success in those rounds. Clowe is a 3rd liner, if you can't see that I'm sorry. Again, on the wrong side of 30, getting slower, and less effective in his all around game. He should get $3 million per year. He can still fight and play a smash mouth game but you don't pay those players north of $3.5 million.
14-15 million for 4 years is as far as I would go both $ and contract wise. But that is not going to be enough. No way. So either we pony up and suffer later or we paid an awful lot draft wise for a rental. Not sure if I like this at all. Let us see if we make the postseason first and how things go there - then it will be a bit easier to assess. Not really liking the trade so far, but things could change here...

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