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04-20-2013, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Mork View Post
This is what baffles me too.

Detroit has lobbied long and hard to move to the Eastern Conference. Columbus has competed with Detroit in that too.

I would have thought QC would be the logical destination for the Coyotes in the immediate future: most likely next season, or at worst the season after that. If that were the case, the current realignment makes absolutely no sense.

So, if the NHL were to move the Coyotes to QC, how would they go about putting the Genie back in the bottle in one of Detroit or Columbus?

Doesn't the NHL have enough old problems without making up new problems too?

The only logical conclusion I can draw is that the Coyotes to QC is not nearly as likely nor imminent as I thought it had been.

Not seeing a lot of other options either. I really am completely lost and don't know what to think here.
I think the point of the realignment is that there will be 16 teams in the east. That (at the moment) means Detroit in the east.

When Detroit gets bumped back West they at least have a better schedule than before.

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