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04-20-2013, 03:49 AM
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Man I get chills down my spine watching him man the point on the PP there - reminds me of Pronger when he was on our blue line.

Kid's got a big body, but there are noticeable differences between him and someone like Seth Jones.

1) He's a bit less physically mature. Jones is a well-formed athlete (6'4, 205+), while Nurse is still a bit skinny for his 6'5 frame (~190lb).

2) Nurse has good mobility for his size (Pietrangelo/Hamilton), but Jones has that elite-level mobility we've seen in recent top prospects (Subban/EJ/Myers). Nurse has some impressive mobility though. Wouldn't be surprised to see him reign it in to be a "mobile" big man like Weber, etc

3) In terms of puck handling, Jones is on a Karlsson/Subban level, he's a guy who could easily take players 1on1 like Karlsson/Boyle/Subban. Scary because of his frame. I don't see the same forward-esque puck handling ability in Nurse, but it's not necessarily a must-have. He's capable of protecting it using his body and positioning - not a worry for him in the future.

4) In terms of actual shooting ability - Jones has him here AINEC. Jones has that Subban/Karlsson range shot - absolute blister of a slapshot that can send the water bottle skyrocketing. Nurse is a bit like Justin Schultz with a dependency on his wrist shot. His slap shots are often low to the ground and without much velocity. If he improves this he can become a much more dynamic player offensively.

5) PP QBing ability with these two players is quite similar. Both display great vision, puck-handling, and poise on the point. Obviously Jones' shot is on another level and adds another dimension, but in terms of ability to evade pressure and make the quick play, both defensemen are more-than capable.

Over the past few years drafts have featured "slam-dunk" defensive prospects that go top-3 with "great" guys behind them with not-so-flashy, underdeveloped games that are taken later on. Some of these guys have equal or even better careers to the "slam dunk" ones.

eg) "Slam Dunk" - Erik Johnson, Drew Doughty, Adam Larsson, Victor Hedman

"Great" - Alex Pietrangelo, Dougie Hamilton, OEL

Jones fits the "slam dunk" description. Nurse definitely fits into that "great" category. He doesn't really have a single major deficiency in his game, and nothing really stands out as a "ridiculous" talent.

He's got 1-2 years more to develop IMO but I feel he breaks into the league at 19-20 as one of those quick developers that skyrockets to elite status within 1-2 years. This is the guy I'd target in the draft - not Barkov.

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