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04-20-2013, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Rivet52 View Post
The fair weather fans will continue to **** and moan about Miller until he's eventually run out of town. Those people are mostly the fan boys who have supposedly cheered him and the team on when both have done well and are naturally the first to quickly turn on him as soon as things don't go the right way. Give me a break. Has Miller handled things in the best way at all times over the years (especially with the media and now the fans)? No. Should he have been more selective with the way he has voiced his opinion in certain instances? Of course. That doesn't negate all the years of great play he's given this team, not to mention all the dedicated time to the community and the city. Just wait. When he's gone maybe some will change their minds. I'd like to know how much of the success we had over the years he's been here have been because of him. The answer is a lot. This team has relied on Miller heavily for years and he's almost always consistently given it solid play, even a Vezina-winning season. He's been arguably the team MVP in many seasons since our last ECF appearance. For the last season or two now he's being thrown to the curb by the same fans who he's been so beloved by for so long.

I hope he does get the hell out of here. I hope we ship him to a contender. He deserves it. He deserves to have a chance at winning it all and it isn't happening here. He could be the missing piece on a contending team. He's certainly good enough. As painful as it'll be to see him go, I feel he's done everything he could for this franchise and it's time he has the chance to succeed elsewhere while he's still young enough. Of course he's frustrated with the season and where the team is. He's a human being and it shows he actually gives a damn. Why are we all frustrated? Because our team's not winning games and hasn't been a great team in quite a long time. Of course we want the team to do well, that's why we watch this sport and have a team to support. Doesn't anyone think Miller wants his team to win and the frustration he's expressed has come out because he actually cares? Or is the general consensus that he's jumped ship? Like I said before, he wouldn't express being ticked off if he didn't care anymore about this team getting better.
I love you, man.

Well said. Thank you.

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