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04-20-2013, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
Yeah that table is bollocks. I mean DEL in front of AHL?? Probably because tons of all kinds of guys from AHL go to it and 1 or two top talents in the other direction. And in any case maybe it was like that some time ago but not now.
The first time I read that article was a long long time ago now. It's still a good analysis but the hockey map is definitely different today.

The AHL has become much stronger due to European players going there to develop in a larger scale. People used to look down on it, now it's a good league on its own. Consequently the SEL and FEL have become weaker because they're letting talent slip not only to the NHL, but to the AHL aswell as the KHL. And it has to be 10 years ago the Czech league was seen as a top league in Europe, when they had incredible depth and were dominant internationally. Maybe more importantly, they had their kids developing at home. Previously the top tier players din't leave these domestic leagues for anything other than the NHL, with very few exceptions. The Swiss league on the other hand has taken steps forward since, and is really only inches away from Sweden and Finland these days.

So really we have the NHL, then a gap to the KHL, then a gap to the rest now.

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