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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
You've agreed DD plays vs better defensive line-ups but not as good offensive line ups. What makes you think Eller and company would outproduce him against better defensive matchups? Certainly Eller is a better defensive player but there's no evidence he'd succeed in tougher D matchup. Besides, we're arguing shot numbers, not goals...

You're right though, he isn't Bergeron but we don't have a single center as good as Bergeron. Plekanec is close but still not him.

Most of our forwards are awful on PP. It's D based, our D takes all the shots. I don't mind switching it up though, doesn't hurt.
But there's no evidence they won't either.
What you're saying about the match-up WAS true....but not anymore.

All three line are dangerous and if you asked me, DD's line is getting less dangerous without Pacioretty and Gallagher....we'll see how this will goes.

I'm pretty sure the opponent will look more at Plek and Eller line....with Pacioretty and Gally gone from DD's side, Eller and Plek will be the one our opponent will check more and more.

As for : "Most of our forward are awfull on PP"

Ryder is the 14th best in the league on the PP
Plekanec is the 23rd best in the league on the PP
Pacioretty is the 53rd best in the league on the PP

Gionta is struggling and shuld not really be there, but still better than DD
Eller got as many points as DD but with 100 minutes less of ice-time...

So NO, our forward has been pretty good actually....only DD that sucks on the PP, followed closely by Gionta....other than that, they've been pretty awesome

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