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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
I think once PHX gets settled and the plan to 32 teams gets unveiled. I think the league going back to the 4 conference aligment that the board approved December of 2011.

With 32 seats it will actually makes sense, so when you add QC bumping Detroit over won't be an issue with them since they'll be in a 'central/mid west' conference as opposed to the 'west'.

if you need to move the Yotes to QC (assuming Seattle falls through), something crazy such as a QC, Col divisional swap, or a 17-13 split could be arranged since expansion can be brought uo making this look temporary.

Waiting for the next shoe to drop....
MG -
I know I am advocating my own theory here, but PHX > QC and then swap them to the CTZ division and put COL in the MTZ/PTZ division makes the most sense for a temp arrangement. It would make more sense than Winnipeg playing in the SE for 2 years.

I agree with the poster who said that realignment and what to do with the Coyotes are 2 separate issues, and one should not read anything into the Yotes future from the alignment.

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