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04-20-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
When we are up by 6 we don't need him...The only reason they don't pull him there is the typical coaching reasoning of something illogical that is basically "That's how it's always been" or "It's just not what you do." (this is the logic baseball managers love to use when questioned on why they have to save their closer to come in up by 3 in the 9th instead of say bringing them in in a key spot in the 7th with the bases loaded where you absolutely need outs. Or when they refuse to use them in extra innings on the road until they get a lead - because according to Jerry Manuel "That's just not what you do."

We were up 5 2 minutes into the 2nd period. He was not close to a shutout. It's not like it was late in the 3rd.

If your options are
1. Leave him in a blowout with 30-40 minutes left in the game so he might get a shutout but also risks the chance of injury for the most important player on the team in a game that is in the bag (Oh, and also on a day where he played the night before)

2. Take him out to make sure he stays healthy and gets some time off while risking a chance you "disrespect" the most important on the team who knows he is the top guy

2 is by far the better option. It's like by taking him out he's all of a sudden going to completely lose his confidence and be unable to play or lash out and demand to be traded. It's just the smarter decision in terms of the long term health and ability of the team.
I guess we should've pulled Hank up 5-0 in MTL. That game was over.

Seriously with this? One of the worst ideas I've seen on here.

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